Our Services

Repair of all car audio-video devices and car navigation, repair of computers and cell phones,
car key repair, dashboard and control panel repair.


Diagnostics and repair as soon as possible.

Audio-Video Repair

Fast and high quality repair of audio-video devices and navigation on vehicles of all kinds.

Making and repairing Car Keys

Fast and quality repairs, new and old vehicle keys, and their coding.
We cut the keys by security code, if the vehicle ownership documentation is supplied.


Dashboard repair, as well as all other control boards related to motor electronics.

Computers & Mobile Phones

Repair of personal computers' components, laptops, tablets as well as mobile devices.

On computers we do the following:

- Cleaning the virus and various malicious programs
- Dust cleaning
- Backup data from memory cards and hard drives
- Install licensed software

Remote Control

Remote door electronics repair (car and garage doors).

Chip Programming

Programming all kinds of chips for home and motor electronics.


EL COD Tuning Split was founded in 2002 with years of experience in car electronics and diagnostics.


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